So Many Playful Math Activities!

So Many Playful Math Activities!

Our plan is to get all the digital ebooks and printables loaded to the store, so we can go live to replace our old Payhip store. Then we can add in the paperbacks and merchandise over time, as we set up links to our printer and manufacturing partners.

Well, we've got about half of our digital printable activity guides loaded to the store, and I'm beginning to think it'll take a full couple of months before we're ready to go live.

So many details to keep track of! Next steps:

  • Setting up page templates, so the products display properly on the site.
  • Locking in the delivery actions with BookFunnel, so your files will be delivered automatically when you purchase them.

In the meantime, progress continues. We did get the store policies (for privacy, shipping, etc.) loaded into the store footer this week, so at least we'll be all legal and everything whenever we do open our doors.

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