Introducing Tanji the Math Cat

Introducing Tanji the Math Cat

Tanji will inspire you to learn the math cat way:

  • Stalk math relationships.
  • Hunt for patterns.
  • Leap at new ideas.
  • Pounce on tough problems. Don't let them escape!

While the tangram house has been our Tabletop Academy Press logo for years, I thought it would be fun to make a new logo for our store.

And what better than a cat?

All writers love cats. They keep us company at the keyboard, provide inspiration, and make us laugh at their antics.

Tanji started out chocolate brown, to match our house logo, but dark brown is not a common color for kitties. (Plus, it doesn't show up well against dark colors on merchandise.) So we changed her to gray, in honor of my best-loved childhood pet, Jingle, my daughter's first cat, Cimorene, and our current long-haired beauty, Eomji.

I think I've got it set up so Tanji shows on your browser tab as the icon for our store, and she'll pop up on merch here and there, such as the Active Learning Mouse Pad shown above.

And one of these days, I'll give her a book of her own, full of tangram cat poses.

I hope you enjoy Tanji, and that she inspires you to take a playful attitude toward math!


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