Woman hiking in the mountainous land of mathematics

Every Journey Begins with Little Steps

We're moving our Tabletop Academy Press online store over to Shopify.

I'm laying this post down as a marker. We made the first few steps over the weekend. How long will it take to finish?

We've been on Payhip for several years now, and that's been great for readers who want our digital books and printable activity guides. But many of you have asked for paperbacks, and there's just no good way to handle those through the old site.

Here's hoping we can get LOTS of paperbacks and even hardcover books for you through this new shop. And even something we've dreamed about for a few years: Mathy Merchandise!

But that means I need to get back to organizing and loading up files, photos, descriptions, tags, and all that back-end stuff. If I do a little bit every day, then hopefully we'll make steady progress.

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Mountain hiking photo copyright © varuna / Depositphotos.

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