Creating Collections, Uploading Files

Creating Collections, Uploading Files

"Collections" are the basic organizational framework for a Shopify store. In our Playful Math store, we have collections for:

  • all products
  • ebooks (for parents and teachers to read)
  • printable games and activities (to use in your classroom, homeschool, or co-op group)
  • merchandise (just for fun!)
  • print books (paperbacks and hardcover books, coming as soon as I figure out how to connect up with our printer)

And now I've created topical collections for the printable activities:

  • problem-solving
  • math games
  • journaling
  • math art

I hope all this organization behind the scenes makes it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

After all, at my latest count, we now have 67 products on our store, even before counting our hopefully-coming-soon print books. That's a lot of items to search through!

I spent last week uploading the pdf files for all those printable activities and creating bundles you can buy at a discount. Definitely making progress, but still a ways to go before we can open our doors.

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